Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Up & Away (Kid Ink, 2012) -- C

Up & Away, Kid Ink's debut studio album, suffers from yet another case of repetitious, attempted hit making, where almost every track sounds like it's been tailored for radio play and conformity to contemporary popular beats/sounds in order to get recognition. As such, it doesn't sound genuine and, at its worst, is a pale imitation of various popular rappers. A little Drake here, Chris Brown there, Wiz Khalifa over here, Usher over there, Kid Ink sounds at every turn like he's at a loss for any distinct voice/style of his own. The first four tracks (especially "Is It You") contain nothing of note - rote and pedestrian in its description of how Ink is "tryin' to get paid/blow up like the World Trade" are hilariously non-sensical (it's too stupid to be offensive) and with beats that hit like they're straight from the assembly line. A track like "Drippin'" is a refreshing departure from the album's other trappings, minimal, deep bass, anchored by Ink's terse swagger - it's the type of sound he should pursue further, instead of insisting upon being an amalgamation of other, more distinct artists.

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