Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rollin' Stone (Stevie Stone, 2012) -- C+

Is Stevie Stone's head supposed to look so disproportionate to his body on the album cover for Rollin' Stone? That may be the most interesting thing that comes to mind while listening to the Tech N9ne stamped artist's latest album as it spins through its limp string of posturing, swaggering tedium, with each successive track cementing another case of workmanlike hip-hop. Stone's debut New Kid Comin' had some nice bangers on it, but nothing too notable. Here, it's still the case, as there's little that distinguishes Stone's sound - not wild enough to be dangerous, his voice a little too indistinct to warrant attention, and his lyrics almost indiscernible (and certainly non-descript). A track like "Keep My Name Out Your Mouth" nicely demonstrates this - it sounds pretty good. It bangs. However, it doesn't really bang in any special way - compare it with the string of speaker-burners on Waka Flocka Flame's latest, and it's merely ordinary. The following track titled "Oneness" explains it well enough - the same problem permeates every track, lacking anything beyond the reasonably "hard" persona Stevie Stone (he needs a harder name, though) has created for himself. I must say though, that "My Remedy" is the exception here, Stone's intro almost channeling the guttural poetry of Iggy Pop. The bright spot isn't enough to validate the rest of the album, though Stone undoubtedly has a fair amount of presence, but remains one of many artists who has yet to deliver on the obvious potential.

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