Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Single Man - (Tom Ford, 2009)

Review for The Carolinian

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  1. A Single Man will remain a dissappointment to me because of the gloss, the too pretty everything from every boy to every knob on the stereo. It wasn't used for furtherance of surface George was showing the world in contrast to the avalanche of inner life. If it had been it would have been brilliant. Far From Heavan used the magazine page look for effect but Ford just wanted things to look good too often. Not always, the fetishing of the eyes and the play of color with emotion were really interesting. And Firth does erupt through the constraints of the aesthetics. And I just wish Juliane Moore would do more films. I could watch her for hours. I didn't think though the film nor the director made me buy the ending. There was a lot to like but almost brilliance can be the most dissatisfying. Firth tied himself to the Love Actually Mr. Darcy plays too long. He has always been better than that typecasting and the performace was worth the price of admission.