Friday, January 1, 2010

CRITERION QUEST -- 259 movies in 365 days

To ring in the new year, I've decided to try and end a quest that has, and will progress so long as The Criterion Collection continues to put out movies. That is, to see every film in The Criterion Collection and do a write up for it. So far, I've seen 316 of the current 511 spine numbers. That leaves 195 Criterion's to be seen. However, I also want to account for the spine numbers to be released throughout the year. Figuring on 4 to 6 spine numbers a month, that would leave approximately 64 spine numbers to come throughout the year. Add that to my unseen total of 195 and you get the target number, 259. I will number each review as I go. They will be in no particular order. I may do spine # 48 today (Black Orpheus) and # 487 tomorrow (That Hamilton Woman). Nevertheless, each will be numbered in accordance with my quest to hit 259. To anyone interested in reading, I hope my endeavor through these amazing films can enlighten, introduce and broaden both my own, and your, journey through cinema.

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